"A challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it." Ray Davies

  • One of the most challenging projects I worked on. A complete rewrite of one of the most visited sites in Holland.

  • A site for one of the bigger supermarkets in Holland. Made in Sitecore. Lots of challenges, like shared shoppinglists, also shared with the mobile app.

  • Another site with lot's of challenges. Created in EPiServer. The biggest challenge was creating a system to share content between the websites that were running within the framework.

  • Made in Microsoft Content Management Server, which was quite a nice CMS, though not everyone will agree.

  • My first big EPiServer project. Quite challenging because it needed to be a framework for lot's of sites.

  • A site for a friend of mine. Made in Umbraco. First attempt to do a lot of Facebook integration.

  • A site for friends of mine, made in Umbraco.

  • Created in Sitecore. The biggest challenge was the use of Microsoft Workflow Foundation for all the flows of insurance requests.

  • A site for friends of mine, made in Umbraco.